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Hadoop questionnaire Essay Essay Example

Hadoop questionnaire Essay Essay Time Allowed: 1 hr 30 proceedingss Maximal Marks: 100 Part – A ( Objective – 70 Markss ) All inquiries are to be attempted obligatorily. Each inquiry carries 1 grade. There is no negative marker. We will write a custom essay sample on Hadoop questionnaire Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Hadoop questionnaire Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Hadoop questionnaire Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Directions: In the inquiries 1-5. there are four words. Three of them are likewise in a certain manner. while one is different. Choose the one which is different 1( a ) Rectangle( B ) Square ( degree Celsius ) Circle( vitamin D ) Rhombus Ans ( degree Celsius ) Circle 2( a ) Aluminum( B ) Copper ( degree Celsius ) Brass( vitamin D ) Brick Ans ( vitamin D ) Brick 3( a ) Meter( B ) Yard ( degree Celsius ) Litre( vitamin D ) Inch Ans ( degree Celsius ) Litre 4( a ) Red planets( B ) Jupiter ( degree Celsius ) Saturn( vitamin D ) Sun Ans ( vitamin D ) Sun 5( a ) Breathing( B ) Swimming ( degree Celsius ) Dancing( vitamin D ) Playing Ans ( a ) Breathing 6Out of the given options below. place the word that can be formed out of the word BIBLIOGRAPHY ( a ) Physiology( B ) Graphic ( degree Celsius ) Barber( vitamin D ) Biology Ans ( vitamin D ) Biology 7Which of the word given in the options can non be formed out of the word REPRIMAND ( a ) Repair( B ) Remand ( degree Celsius ) MUNDANE( vitamin D ) Maid Ans ( degree Celsius ) MUNDANE 8Out of the given options below. place the word that can be formed out of the word MEASUREMENT ( a ) Maestro( B ) Acme ( degree Celsius ) Mantle( vitamin D ) Assurance Ans ( a ) Maestro 9Which of the word given in the options can non be formed out of the word ENDEAVOUR ( a ) DEVOUR( B ) Round ( degree Celsius ) DROWN( vitamin D ) DROVE Ans ( degree Celsius ) DROWN 10Which of the word given in the options can non be formed out of the word PHOTOSYNTHETIC ( a ) THOSE( B ) Aroma ( degree Celsius ) PRONE( vitamin D ) Cotton Ans ( degree Celsius ) PRONE Directions for Question Numbers 11 to 15 In each inquiry below is given a statement followed by two decisions numbered ( I ) and ( II ) . You have to presume everything in the statement to be true. so see the two decisions together and make up ones mind which of them logically follows beyond a sensible uncertainty from the information given in the statement Give reply ( a ) if lone decision ( I ) followsGive reply ( B ) if lone decision ( II ) follows.Give reply ( degree Celsius ) if either ( I ) or ( II ) follows.Give reply ( vitamin D ) if neither ( I ) nor ( II ) follow.Give reply ( vitamin E ) if both ( I ) and ( II ) follow. 11Statement: An advertizement – Interest rate will be fixed on the footing of our bank’s rate prevailing on the day of the month of sedimentation and refixed every one-fourth thenceforth Decisions ( I ) It is left to the depositors to guard their involvement( II ) The bank’s involvement rates are capable to alter on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing depending on market place Ans ( vitamin D ) 12Statement: In order to implement subject on conveyance subject on conveyance operators. the province authorities has decided to enforce a mulct of Rs. 5. 000/ – for the first extra metric ton loaded in conveyance vehicle and Rs. 1000/- for subsequent metric tons Decisions ( I ) People will follow some subject when terrible mulct is imposed ( II ) The province authorities has failed to understand the job of conveyance operators Ans ( a ) 13Statement: Research has proved that people eating high fat diets coupled with reduced degree of exercising are prone to bosom diseases Decisions ( I ) Peoples should cut down their high fat diet as preventative method ( II ) People must hold sufficient degree of exercising to cut down their opportunities of holding bosom disease Ans ( vitamin E ) 14Statement: An advertizement -Only those campaigners with exceeding endowment and strong motive should use Decisions ( I ) campaigners non carry throughing these standards will non be considered ( II ) It is possible to make up ones mind clearly who is talented and motivated Ans ( a ) 15Statement: An advertisement -Book your level before 15th June and avail involvement –free loan from the builders Decisions ( I ) No level will be booked afterwards( II ) After 15th June no loan will be provided Ans ( vitamin D ) 161. 3. 9. _______ . 81 ( a ) 12( B ) 15 ( degree Celsius ) 27( vitamin D ) 25 Ans ( degree Celsius ) 27 17A. E. ______ . O. U ( a ) F( B ) I ( degree Celsius ) G( vitamin D ) Liter Ans ( B ) I 181. 2. 6. 24. 120. ___________ ( a ) 144( B ) 480 ( degree Celsius ) 600( vitamin D ) 720 Ans ( vitamin D ) 720 1937. 47. 58. ___________ . 79. 89 ( a ) 67( B ) 68 ( degree Celsius ) 69( vitamin D ) 71 Ans ( B ) 68 201221. 2442. 3663. 4884. ___________ ( a ) 5885( B ) 6060 ( degree Celsius ) 6006( vitamin D ) 8448 Ans ( a ) 5885 21In a certain codification linguistic communication â€Å"ken poti† means â€Å"good forenoon â€Å" . â€Å"hu shang’ means â€Å"come on â€Å" and â€Å"hu ken Sue â€Å" means â€Å"come for good â€Å" . Which word in that linguistic communication means â€Å"for† ? ( a ) Shang( B ) Ken ( degree Celsius ) Sue( vitamin D ) Hu Ans ( degree Celsius ) Sue 22In a cetain codification â€Å"NOBLE â€Å" is written as â€Å"QREOH† . How is â€Å"PLATE† written in that codification? ( a ) SMDWH( B ) SOCWH ( degree Celsius ) SODVH( vitamin D ) SODWH Ans ( vitamin D ) SODWH 23Mahipal. the younger brother of Bibhu. is older than Rebati. Prema. who is younger to Seema is older than Bhibhu. Who among them is the oldest? ( a ) Prema( B ) Mahipal ( degree Celsius ) Bibhu( vitamin D ) Seema Ans ( vitamin D ) Seema 24Introducing a adult female. a adult male said. â€Å"Her father’s merely boy is my father† . How is the adult male related to the adult female? ( a ) Father( B ) Son ( degree Celsius ) Uncle( vitamin D ) Nephew Ans ( vitamin D ) Nephew 25â€Å"Table† is related to â€Å"Wood† in the same manner as â€Å"Shirt† is related to ( a ) Cotton( B ) Fabric ( degree Celsius ) Cloth( vitamin D ) Dress Ans ( degree Celsius ) Cloth Directions: In the inquiries 26- 30. Pick out the word that is most about the same in significance ( SYNONYMS ) as the word given in the capitals 26FORTIFY ( a ) Topple( B ) Destroy ( degree Celsius ) Reproduce( vitamin D ) Strengthen Ans ( vitamin D ) Strengthen 27FRAGILE ( a ) Valid( B ) Delicate ( degree Celsius ) Frank( vitamin D ) Incapable Ans ( B ) Delicate 28AMENABLE ( a ) Truthful( B ) Pleasant ( degree Celsius ) Pliable( vitamin D ) Generous Ans ( degree Celsius ) Pliable 29ADMONISH ( a ) Scold( B ) Pacify ( degree Celsius ) Display( vitamin D ) Ignore Ans ( a ) Scold 30COMMEMORATE ( a ) Manipulate( B ) Harmonise ( degree Celsius ) Remember( vitamin D ) Boast Ans ( degree Celsius ) Remember Directions: In the inquiries 31-35. Pick out the word that is most about the opposite in significance ( ANTONYMS ) as the word given in the capitals 31Agreement ( a ) Capital of new hampshire( B ) Policy ( degree Celsius ) Dissent( vitamin D ) Act Ans ( degree Celsius ) Dissent 32SELDOM ( a ) Occasionally( B ) Frequently ( degree Celsius ) Continuously( vitamin D ) Marginally Ans ( B ) Frequently 33CREDIBLE ( a ) Unchangeable( B ) Insurmountable ( degree Celsius ) Unwieldy( vitamin D ) Unbelievable Ans ( vitamin D ) Unbelievable 34AUGMENT ( a ) Surpass( B ) Follow ( degree Celsius ) Prohibit( vitamin D ) Decrease Ans ( vitamin D ) Decrease 35HUMILITY ( a ) Integrity( B ) Pride ( degree Celsius ) Modesty( vitamin D ) Shame Ans ( B ) Pride Directions for Question Numbers 36 to 45 Pick out the most effectual word from the given words to make full in the space to do the sentence meaningfully complete 36Poor Praveen had to ______ the load of his father’s debts ( a ) Suffer( B ) Bear ( degree Celsius ) Upheaval( vitamin D ) Lift Ans ( B ) Bear 37A _______ of ships was kept ready to scour the sea in instance of exigency ( a ) Group( B ) Battalion ( degree Celsius ) Unit of measurement( vitamin D ) Fleet Ans ( vitamin D ) Fleet 38The members were _______ of the day of the month of the meeting good in progress ( a ) Communicated( B ) Conveyed ( degree Celsius ) Ignorant( vitamin D ) Informed Ans ( vitamin D ) Informed 39The talker drew the attending of the audience _________ the combustion issues ( a ) Into( B ) Towards ( degree Celsius ) to( vitamin D ) From Ans ( degree Celsius ) to 40A commission was formed to look _______the edifice ( a ) After( B ) At ( degree Celsius ) For( vitamin D ) Into Ans ( a ) After 41Known as a devout and serious individual. she besides has _______ sense of wit ( a ) Better( B ) Plentiful ( degree Celsius ) Beautiful( vitamin D ) Good Ans ( vitamin D ) Good 42The affair would hold become serious if _____ action had non been taken ( a ) Hasty( B ) Fast ( degree Celsius ) Seasonably( vitamin D ) Unusual Ans ( degree Celsius ) Seasonably 43Usha was severely ____ by the intelligence which she got in the missive ( a ) Electrified( B ) Petrified ( degree Celsius ) Deranged( vitamin D ) Shaken Ans ( vitamin D ) Shaken 44In malice of her other ____ Kasthuri still managed to happen clip for her avocations ( a ) Occupations( B ) Preoccupations ( degree Celsius ) Business( vitamin D ) Promises Ans ( B ) Preoccupations 45It is advisable to ____ on this issue instead than make unneeded job by taking a stiff base ( a ) Lose( B ) Promise ( degree Celsius ) Evade( vitamin D ) Compromise Ans ( vitamin D ) Compromise Directions for Question Numbers 46 to 50 Which of the phrases A. B. C and D given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in italics A ; underlined. to do the sentence grammatically correct 46They continued to work in the field despite of the heavy rains ( a ) Even though there is heavy rain( B ) Although to a great extent rains ( degree Celsius ) In malice the heavy rains( vitamin D ) Even though it rained to a great extent Ans ( vitamin D ) Even though it rained to a great extent 47Have you been told me about your job. I would hold helped you ( a ) If you would hold told( B ) Had you have told ( degree Celsius ) Had you told( vitamin D ) If you have told Ans ( degree Celsius ) Had you told 48They felt humiliated because they realized that they had cheated ( a ) Have been cheated( B ) Had been cheated ( degree Celsius ) Had been rip offing( vitamin D ) Were to be cheated Ans ( B ) Had been cheated 49He found the gold coin as he cleans the floor ( a ) As he had cleaned( B ) While he cleans ( degree Celsius ) While he is cleaning( vitamin D ) While cleaning Ans ( vitamin D ) While cleaning 50Because of his command in this field. his suggestions are broad accepted ( a ) Are widely accepted( B ) Are broad credence ( degree Celsius ) Have widely accepted( vitamin D ) Have been broad accepted Ans ( a ) Are widely accepted Directions for Question Numbers 51 to 55 What should come in topographic point of the inquiry grade ( ? ) in the undermentioned inquiries? 5125 % of? = 35 % of 7002 ( a ) 2000( B ) 1960 ( degree Celsius ) 1600( vitamin D ) 1800 Ans ( B ) 1960 52 9572 – 4018 – 2164= ? ( a ) 3570( B ) 7718 ( degree Celsius ) 3390( vitamin D ) 3300 Ans ( degree Celsius ) 3390 53205. 1569 – 79. 3719 + 724. 215 = ? ( a ) 750( B ) 850 ( degree Celsius ) 800( vitamin D ) 650 Ans ( B ) 850 545869 + 3578+ 1954 = ? ( a ) 11041( B ) 11581 ( degree Celsius ) 11221( vitamin D ) 11401 Ans ( vitamin D ) 11401 551 of? = 101+ 2993 ( a ) 800( B ) 1800 ( degree Celsius ) 1500( vitamin D ) 1200 Ans ( vitamin D ) 1200 56Salivary secretory organs in human existences are related to: ( a ) Digestive system( B ) Respiratory system ( degree Celsius ) Nervous system( vitamin D ) Circulatory system Ans ( a ) Digestive system 57The three celebrated Buddhist sites Ratnagiri. Lalitagiri and Udayaygiri are located in which of the undermentioned provinces ( a ) Madhya Pradesh( B ) Bihar ( degree Celsius ) Maharashtra( vitamin D ) Orissa Ans ( vitamin D ) Orissa 58Who was the first human infinite traveler? ( a ) Major Gherman S. Titor of USSR( B ) Frank Boreman from USA ( degree Celsius ) Edwin Aldrin from USA( vitamin D ) Major Yuri Gagarin of the USSR Ans ( vitamin D ) Major Yuri Gagarin of the USSR 59Who among the undermentioned held office of the Prime Minister for the shortest period? ( a ) Lal Bahadur Shastri( B ) V P Singh ( degree Celsius ) Chandra Shekhar( vitamin D ) Charan Singh Ans ( vitamin D ) Charan Singh 60Which amongst the followers is the currency of Japan? ( a ) Hankering( B ) Ruble ( degree Celsius ) Lira( vitamin D ) Iranian dinar Ans ( a ) Hankering 61Amrita Shergill earned a differentiation in which of the undermentioned Fieldss ( a ) Classical Dance( B ) Play ( degree Celsius ) Literature( vitamin D ) Folk Dance Ans ( degree Celsius ) Literature 62â€Å" Dashdwar Se Sopan Tak â€Å" is the autobiography of which of the undermentioned celebrated Hindi authors ( a ) Harivansh Rai Bachchan( B ) Krishna Chander ( degree Celsius ) Hazari Prasad Dwivedi( vitamin D ) Nagendra Ans ( a ) Harivansh Rai Bachchan 63Bangkok is the capital of which of the following states? ( a ) Malaya( B ) Dutch east indies ( degree Celsius ) Taiwan( vitamin D ) Siam Ans ( vitamin D ) Siam 64Santosh trophy is related to which of the following games? ( a ) Volleyball( B ) Field hockey ( degree Celsius ) Cricket( vitamin D ) Football Ans ( vitamin D ) Football 65Choloroflurocarbon ( CFC ) gas is used in which of the undermentioned domestic merchandises? ( a ) Television( B ) Refrigerator ( degree Celsius ) Cooking Gas( vitamin D ) Tubelight Ans ( B ) Refrigerator 66The term â€Å"Golden Handshake â€Å" is being used in the context of which of the followers? ( a ) Welcoming a new recruit( B ) Bidding adieu to a distinguished invitee ( degree Celsius ) Honoring a award victor( vitamin D ) Voluntary retirement strategies Ans ( vitamin D ) Voluntary retirement strategies 67Sriperumbudur. a temple town in South is the birth of ( a ) Adi Shankracharya( B ) Vidyaranya ( degree Celsius ) Ramanuja( vitamin D ) Madhavacharya Ans ( degree Celsius ) Ramanuja 68Which of the undermentioned statement about Meridians and equator are true? ( a ) Meridians are fanciful lines parallel to equator( B ) Meridians and equator converge at the two poles ( degree Celsius ) Meridians and equator neer run into each other( vitamin D ) Meridians are perpendicular to the equator Ans ( vitamin D ) Meridians are perpendicular to the equator 69Which of the followers is the unit of electric current? ( a ) Volt( B ) Ohm ( degree Celsius ) Coulomb( vitamin D ) Ampere Ans ( vitamin D ) Ampere 70The universe celebrated â€Å"Khajurao† sculptures are located in which of the undermentioned provinces ( a ) Orissa( B ) Gujarat ( degree Celsius ) Madhya Pradesh( vitamin D ) Tamil Nadu Ans ( degree Celsius ) Madhya Pradesh Part – B ( Descriptive – 30 Marks )Write an essay ( non transcending 150 words ) on any two of the undermentioned subjects. 1. How to maintain tantrum2. The influence of Cable Television in our lives3. My favorite avocation4. Should games be compulsory for school kids5. My aspiration / calling ends

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Process Essay Topics

Process Essay Topics Selecting a Topic for a Process Analysis Essay Writing a process analysis essay demands consummate skills. It is necessary to use an analytical approach in order to produce a top-notch work. When preparing such a paper, it is very important to present reliable data. The point is that your piece of writing has to be based on accurate facts and not your personal opinion. At the same time, your work should be interesting and capture readers’ attention. That is why you need to pick a superior topic for your essay. Do your best to explore the subject in detail. Below, you will find valuable ideas for doing your academic writing project. Simple Paper Subjects The list given below provides easy topics for preparing works. In order to understand how to write a process analysis essay properly, it is necessary to choose an appropriate subject. However, it can be not as easy as it seems. Consider the following: Describe how to use a search engine. Explain how bad habits are developed. How to take care about pets? Steps to making a cup of coffee. It should be admitted that it is a great topic for those who just start writing process essays. How to choose a delightful book? Basic rules of driving. Explain how to teach a toddler to use a toilet. An efficient way of making an ice-cream. Preventing a fire. How to conduct an interview successfully? Talk about moving from one place to another. Explain how to take care about contact lens. Describe the process of training a dog. The best way to remove stress. Logical steps to knitting a sweater. Fundamental rules of playing chess. Analyze the process of making bread. Choosing a computer. What to pay attention for? How to stop smoking? Explain how to wash silk shirts. Clear direction on training police dogs. How to fly a kite? What is a process analysis essay? Provide detailed instruction on writing it. How to stop suffering from jet lag? Being a great writer. Describe the process of changing a car tire. How to amuse guests. Analyze the procedure of making soap. What is a landscape design? How to look fashionable without spending large sum of money? Making a PowerPoint presentation. Describe the procedure of making superior photos using Photoshop. Key steps to creating origami. How to change motor engine oil? How to use Google Maps? Explain how to find a leading magazine publisher. Describe the way of designing gardens. Where to get creative ideas for producing academic works? Explain how to play a cricket. Complicated Topics Papers written on complex subjects are focused on examining scientific processes. In order to write a work of superior quality, a writer should understand the matter completely. Here are some interesting process essay ideas: What is a Global Positioning System? How to overcome economic difficulties? Making a detailed analysis of handwriting. How to deal with insomnia? The process of minting coins. How does a blender work? Repairing watches. The ways of overcoming addiction. Athletes’ training. By the way, you can always turn to to get useful tips for writing exclusive process analysis essays. Selecting a university. How to build a telescope. Describe environmental-friendly tendencies. Basic rules of packing a parachute. Making wonderful photographs. How to create web design? How to use a CD player? Repairing a small engine. Providing the first aid. Living in the forest with a small amount of water and food. Explain the process of riding a bike. Fascinating Essay Topics It is understandable that subjects differ from each other. Some of them are considered interesting, others – boring. Below, we have created a list of fantastic process essay topics for college. Every student would like to prepare a paper on one of them. How to make a cake? Steps to cutting hair. Washing a parrot. Developing self-confidence. Making chocolate pudding. Getting ready for vacation. Provide clear guidelines to writing a process analysis essay? How to create a Facebook account? You can find the first part of process analysis essay topics.

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Pablo Picasso Artworks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Pablo Picasso Artworks - Essay Example The essay "Pablo Picasso Artworks" attempts to portray the reasons Picasso painted and why he changed the movement. He was a Spanish sculptor, stage designer, playwright, printmaker, ceramicist, and painted who lived between 1881 and 1973. He was an influential artist who helped develop and investigate many varieties of styles. ). For instance, he co-founded the Cubist movement in the 20th century. He is recognized with Marcel Duchamp and Henri Matisse as artists who revolutionized printmaking, plastic arts, ceramics, painting, and sculpture. Picasso showed unusual artistic ability from his early years. Through his childhood and adolescence, he painted in a realistic manner. At the beginning of the 20th century, he changed his painting style after experimenting with various theories. Picasso’s work is categorized into movements. There are the expressionism, cubism, and surrealism. Picasso’s expressionism can be further categorized into Blue period, Rose period, and Afri can-influenced period. Cubism is can be classified further into Analytic cubism and Synthetic cubism. There are many differences in the two painting. The differences lie in the painting style used. Picasso used expressionism in the Drunk Woman is Tired, while, in Girl in Chair, he used cubism and surrealism. In the Drunk Woman is Tired, Picasso is expressing his feelings of a real situation. In the painting, a drunken woman is asleep. The woman is emaciated and poor. She has no place to go. Picasso used the painting to express his sympathy to her.

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Purchasing and supply management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Purchasing and supply management - Essay Example purchasing. After 6 months, she faced a genuine problem in discharging her duties. One of the highest paid senior most medical staff and substantial revenue generator Dr. Spiller, almost negotiated and finalized an X-ray processor with New Age regional manager Mr. Jarvis. After finalizing the product and rate and he only called Rose silver to place a final order to purchase the X-ray processor from New Age. Now being in-charge of purchase, Rose tried to explain the things but he is not willing to listen her views at all. He was just explaining to Rose that the firm and person, whom he has finalized is the right company /person and only the said supplier will be able to supply the product as well as it’s a right kind of product. He even told Rose that companies (Supplier) regional manager Mr. Jarvis assured him that all the details has been taken care of by himself. Now Rose Silver is facing a kind of situation in which she could not use her expertise in the interest of hospita l as well as she could not be able to discharge her responsibilities properly. Dr. Spiller had tried to bully her. Now she is in dilemma about her future course of actions. Discussions: (1) Lysons (2000, P.1) defines purchasing as: â€Å"Purchasing is the function responsible for obtaining by purchase, lease or other legal means, equipment, materials, components, suppliers and services required by an undertaking for use in production or resale†. Organizational purchasing decisions are therefore far more significant in today’s competitive situation and can play a significant part in determining company’s profitability. Purchasing is critical when it represents such a large proportion of the cost. Purchasing activities involves buying decisions to ensure that the right goods are in the right place, at the right time, at a right price, at the right quality and at the right quantity. Information is an important resource to

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Concept Of Marketing Environment Commerce Essay

Concept Of Marketing Environment Commerce Essay This module gives an introduction to Business environment in which the firm operates. It includes understanding different environments like the Macro environment, micro environment and internal environment. Thorough understandings of these concepts are important for understanding the opportunities, threats, finding weaknesses of the organization as well as its strengths. This knowledge helps the firms to fore plan and makes effective decisions. Introduction to Marketing Strategy Introduction This lesson introduces the role and importance of Marketing Strategy to an organization. When you have finished this lesson you should be able to: Explain the concept of marketing environment Identify the macro environmental factors that affect the organizational policies. Identify the micro environmental factors that affect the organizational policies. Identify the internal environmental factors. Explain SWOT analysis Concept of Marketing Environment The market environment refers to the environment that the business operates in, which includes factors and forces that affect the firms policies and strategies. There are two levels of market environment. Internal and external environment, the external environment can be further divided into Macro and Micro environment. (For reference only) External Environment: The external environment consists of macro and micro environments. Macro environment: The macro environment consists of much larger and broader influences (which impact the micro environment), such as : Demographic environment Economic environment Natural environment Technological environment Culture political environment Micro Environment: The micro environment is made of individuals and organizations associated with the company and would directly impact the decisions of the company. It consists of : Company itself Suppliers Marketing Intermediaries customers Competition Public Internal Environment: Internal environment consists of elements within the organization such as: Employees Management Company policies Organizational culture Organizational structure Company image Experience and expertise Operational efficiency Operational capacity Brand awareness Market share Financial capacity Patents and trade secrets Exclusive contracts For an organization to analyse the overall environment in which it operates, environmental scanning becomes necessary. Environmental scanning is a process of monitoring, evaluating, and transmitting of information from the external and internal environment to concerned people within the organization. (Kazmi, 2008).Environmental scanning would help gather, analyse, and transmit information for strategic purposes. Environmental scanning is carried out by organizations to find out its competencies, weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats existing in the environment, which is termed as the SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis: The analysis of the environment in which business operates is referred to as a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis aids to find information helpful in matching the firms competencies to the competitive environments. It has a major role in strategy formulation. Internal environmental scanning of the firm helps the firm find its: Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W) External environment scanning can help firms find: Opportunities (O) Threats (T) Environmental scanning is important for every organization due to the following reasons: The environment in which a firm operates is dynamic in nature, scanning becomes necessary to keep track of the changes happening in it. An environmental scan reveals the elements that constitute threats and opportunities available to the firms. It also helps keep the firm informed about competitors activities so that appropriate strategies can be developed on that basis. It is an important tool which gives necessary resource for formulation of marketing strategies. (for reference only) As already discussed the external environment can be categorised into Macro and Micro environment. Example: SWOT Analysis of Walmart Strengths Walmart has become the largest retailer in the US, and perhaps the world. Its huge buying volumes and negotiating style keeps its cost low, which allows them to keep their prices low. People will travel a pretty long distance to shop there. It has invested heavily in software technology to keep tight controls on its operations. Weaknesses Small local businesses often cant compete with Walmart, and go out of business, which often alienates the small local business community. Walmart has been sued for unfair labor practices as well. These and other issues tarnish Walmarts image, especially for those who are directly impacted. Opportunities Growing markets outside the US offers a great opportunity to continue its growth. Threats Being number one in its market, some of Walmarts proven strategies are being imitated, to various degrees, by other large retailers. This will likely make the market for the big box retailers more competitive over time. (Source: Resource Case study for SWOT analysis for TESCO Plc, UK- for Student reference - Macro environmental Analysis Macro environmental analysis scans the macro factors that influence the organization. The macro environmental analysis is also termed as Pest analysis PESTLE Analysis: PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social-cultural, Technological, Legal Environmental analysis. It is composes of the macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning for developing strategic management. It is a critical strategic technique used for understanding market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for the organizations operations. Composition of the macro environment is as follows: (for reference only) There is certain additional factor other than PESTLE, which are included in the macro environment such as demographic environment. Demographic Environment: Demographic environment consists of the following elements which has a huge impact on the organizations operations: Population growth worldwide: The huge population growth that is seen over the few decades has been an area of concern; the population growth has led to exhaustion of scarce world resources such as fuel, food and natural resources. The other reason for concern is that the population growth is seen generally in those countries which are the lesser developed countries or as called the low income countries who cannot afford to support this kind of population growth. High population growth can have significant implications on the business. Population growth is beneficial for businesses only where this kind of growth is backed with the purchasing power. For example: India and China Both these countries have high population growth and are the countries having the highest population in the world. Whereas Chinese government has a strict one child policy, which has led to a decrease in their population, in India no such policy exists. The one child policy in china has led to one child in a family, which has led to excessive pampering of these children by their family members. Here we can see that even with a high population the purchasing power is high. As the children in china are pampered with toys and other childrens products, the toy stores and other kids related products manufactures find a lot of potential in entering the Chinese market to capitalise on the existing opportunity. Whereas in India the increase in population has not seen an increase in the overall purchasing power of the economy, hence the potential for such type of goods is less. Population Age groups Different countries have different composition of age groups. Population age groups can be sub-divided into Pre-school School going children Teenagers Young adults 25 to 40 Middle aged 40 to 65 Elderly 65 and above The composition of age group of the society determines the kind of products that would dominate the production and market. For example a country has an aging population would have demand for products that would be required for middle aged and elderly population, where as a country with a young population will have potential for children products and products for youngsters. Multi-culture market: The business policies and strategies would be different for different cultural and ethnic groups existing in the society. Education based groups The different kinds of education groups that exist will again determine what kind of products would be demanded in the market. Consumption patterns Household and consumption patterns differ in different societies. Migration and mobility of population Migration of population from one region to another has led to a multi-cultural environment. Where in some countries you can see a mix of different nationals and in others you will find only natives. The business policies and strategies will vary accordingly. All these factors have led to a fragmentation of the market. Businesses have now started to concentrate on smaller markets than mass markets on the basis of these differentiations in population. Economic environment Economic factors would be economic growth, interest rates, exchange rates, distribution of wealth and income and inflation rate. These factors have major impacts on how businesses operate and make decisions. Distribution of wealth and income: The distribution of wealth in the society also determines the consumption pattern of that society. Countries where there is equal distribution of income the consumption level and standard of living of people will be higher. Countries where distribution of income is unequal, the standard of living will be low. The type of products demanded in these societies would also differ. Where the standard of living is high, more of luxury and comfort goods will be demanded. Financial policies: Financial policies also have a huge impact on the consumption pattern of the consumers. Availability of good credit facilities and a well set up credit system leads to a higher consumption level. Natural environment The natural resources which are scarce in nature, needs to be conserved, industries have to be careful how these resources are used. New substitutes for these scarce resources need to be found so that they are sustained. There has been an increase in fuel costs and energy which is used for production. The firm has to keep a close watch on how the energy prices would have effect on its profits. Another cause of concern is the pollution that industrial activities have brought about. The global warming that has become a major global concern. Companies who take this as an opportunity by opting in for pollution control programs such as recycling would be ones who benefit. There are also several governmental regulations on environmental control which needs to be adhered to by every organization. Organizations need to support the governmental effort rather than opposing it. Technological environment Technological factors include technological aspects such as RD activity, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological change. They can determine entry barriers, minimum efficient production level and influence outsourcing decisions. Furthermore, technological shifts can affect costs, quality, and lead to innovation. Technological advancement has brought about products into the market which was never dreamt of a few decades back. Increased budgets for RD have led to increased scope for innovations in the market. Another major issues faced by organizations today are Health and safety issues; there are several regulations in regards to health and safety which organizations needs to adhere to. These entire factors have substantial influence in the strategies and policies of organizations. Political environment Political environment would consist of the government of the economy, that is how and to the extent of government intervention exists in the economy. It includes factors such as tax policy, labour law, environmental law, trade restrictions, tariffs, and political stability. Bargaining power of special interest group: These are groups of people who have interest in the activities of the firm, such as consumer rights, womens rights, senior citizens rights, minority rights etc. Example of Nestle Nestles business policies in the less developed countries have been criticised widely throughout the world, especially in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, there is an ongoing boycott on Nestle Products. Though Nestle products are available in the market for sale, its sales volume and market share is well below expectations. Specifically its Baby products like Baby milk range, Baby food supplements and other products for babies are least demanded. The boycott of Nestle products has led to an increase in the market share of its competitors, namely Cow Gate, Socio-cultural environment Social-cultural factors include the cultural aspects, career attitudes and emphasis on safety etc. Changes in the social set up and culture have significant influence on the demand for products and services and how an organization operates. Cultural values Sub cultures Shifts in cultures Micro Environmental Analysis The micro environment consists of factors that are close to the organization and has a direct effect on its operations. Company itself: This would include the internal environment of the organization. (We will cover this part in the next topic) Supplier: The suppliers of the organization are the agencies and organization who supply resources for production purposes. The supply of raw materials, labour, electricity, equipment, fuel etc. would be done by these organizations. Developing a good supply environment is very important for an organization. Having the availability of resources as required keeps the production going. For this purpose, there have been significant efforts in the recent years to develop a sophisticated supply chain by organizations. The policies of organizations and their suppliers are getting integrated more and more. Organizations now, try to develop a backward integration with their suppliers. This ensures that the supply of materials and function of the organizations go smoothly. Marketing Intermediaries: They are the organizations that support the firm in selling, distributing and promoting the products and services to customers. Intermediaries help create place utility for the products. All the intermediaries associated with the firm would be collectively called channels of distribution. Channels of distribution can be of various levels and can include a number of intermediaries like distributors, agents, dealers, retailers. Designing and managing marketing channels is not an easy task, it requires a lot of effort from the organizations path. The organization has to know how to manage and keep all the intermediaries satisfied for the smooth functioning of the channels. Customers: Customers are the most integral aspect of the external environment. Most of the organizations activities and functions are directed towards satisfying the customers needs and requirements. There can be following type of consumers in the market: Consumer markets -would be individuals and households Industrial markets industries who purchase products for production purposes Resellers market organizations that buy goods and services in order to resell them at a certain profit Government and non-profit markets buy goods and services for producing public services International markets includes foreign buyers, producers, resellers etc. Competitors: Competitors are those organizations that produce similar products as yours and compete with you for the market share. The competitors have to be identified, monitored and competed with to maintain your market share. The competitors strategies and policies have significant impact on the organizations own strategies and policies, hence a close monitoring of the competitors policies and activities are eminent. Public: Would be a group of people who have an interest in the operations of the organization and also would have an impact on the organizations decisions and policies. Every organization has to face certain publics: Financial institutions Media Government Action groups General public Internal public (for reference only) Internal Environment Internal environmental scanning is the process of assessing the organizations strengths and weaknesses. It is through this process that organizations competencies and competitive advantages can be identified. Every organization will have some areas where it will be strong and other where it would be weak. It is the first step towards locating and developing its core competencies so as to survive in the business. The elements under internal environment are: Employees Management Company policies Organizational culture Organizational structure Company image Experience and expertise Operational efficiency Operational capacity Brand awareness Market share Financial capacity Patents and trade secrets Exclusive contracts (Source: Through internal scanning, organizations try to size up its competitive strengths. Strengths of the firm can be as follows: Patents Brands names Good reputation Cost advantages Access to resources Established distribution networks The Weaknesses of the firm can be as follows: Weak brand names Lower quality of product High cost structure An internal environmental scan involves looking at the present capabilities of the organization (infrastructure, hardware, personnel, abilities, structure, etc) and that information can be compared to what the organization will need in the future to achieve its strategic goals. Summary Font: Verdana | Size: 18 | Style: Bold) The market environment refers to the environment that the business operates in, which includes factors and forces that affect the firms policies and strategies. There are two levels of market environment Internal and external environment, the external environment can be further divided into Macro and Micro environment. The analysis of the environment in which business operates is referred to as a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis aids to find information helpful in matching the firms competencies to the competitive environments. Macro environmental analysis scans the macro factors that influence the organization. The macro environmental analysis is also termed as Pest analysis. The factors under macro environment are: Demographic environment Economic environment Natural environment Technological environment Culture political environment The micro environment consists of factors that are close to the organization and has a direct effect on its operations. The factors under micro environment are: Company itself Suppliers Marketing Intermediaries customers Competition Internal scanning is the process of assessing the organizations strengths and weaknesses. It is through this process that organizations competencies and competitive advantages can be identified. The elements under internal environment can be: Employees Management Company policies Organizational culture Organizational structure Company image Experience and expertise Operational efficiency Operational capacity Brand awareness Market share Financial capacity Patents and trade secrets Exclusive contracts

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Tkam Essay

The Story of a Novel For 50 years, Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird has been recognized worldwide as a classic. It has never been out of print, which is just one of the many signs that prove how imprinted into our society it is. Harper Lee changed the way readers experience the world around them, and certainly raised the bar for what should be expected from classic novels. To Kill a Mockingbird’s legacy will be everlasting, for holds a mirror up to America and shows what truly lies underneath. America has always taken pride in its detailed history, for better or for worse.Many novels have attempted to demonstrate historical events, but none have quite come close to the outstanding perspective of To Kill a Mockingbird. Readers get to see America as it was in the 1930's through the eyes of an untainted, unhindered child. As it has always been told, sadly, racism and prejudice were somewhat of a building block for the founding of this country. The audience experien ces this firsthand in the novel as Atticus Finch, a middle-aged lawyer, takes on a case in which he must defend a black man accused of raping a white woman.Circumstantially, the cause for this case would be lost; the black man would be found guilty upon being seen by the jury. As even Reverend Sykes stated, â€Å"[he] had never seen any jury decide in favor of a colored man over a white man† (279). But Atticus, an entrepreneur of his own kind, defied the accepted truth and caused the jury to ponder for hours. This was an important moment for both literature and for the well-being of America. It puts into perspective the hardships of African Americans during the 1930’s, which is not something to be taken lightly.Every society has their own mind set of what they consider to be ‘ideal. ’ For example, American’s could be loyal, truthful, and courageous; this almost perfectly describes Atticus. Even though obstacles may make his aspirations difficult, he did not stray; he kept pushing forward no matter what. Also, he is the utter definition of what the justice system, a major part of the American lifestyle, is meant to be. It is against his morals to tell anything but the whole truth, to fabricate any circumstance, and to treat any given person as anything but equal.He attempts to change the tarnished views of jury members, which could be seen as a spark for African American rights. Lastly, Atticus is the advocate for courage. As he stated himself, â€Å"[courage] is knowing you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what† (149). There is a slim possibility of achieving your goal, but it’s that chance that makes all the difference. He has been an inspiration and an American icon for countless amounts of people, which is one of the major reasons that have made To Kill a Mockingbird so widespread.A common factor for many classic novels is their ability to be related to. For inst ance, it would be easier for the reader to relate to a character going through turbulences in their lives than it would be the same person to relate to an old man fighting in an apocalypse. For this reason, it nears impossible to deny how much of a classic To Kill a Mockingbird is. Firstly, Scout is extremely relatable because it’s safe to say most everyone can reminisce to a time when they were innocent, naive to hardship and struggle, and curious about the adult world.One of the universal languages is youth, which is something everyone has had to go through. Second, you will seldom find a person who has not gone through a confusing, complicated period in their life. We experience this with Jem; as he grows and matures, he begins to see the world through different eyes. The only catch is his vision is blurry, which is what confuses the situation. Lastly, practically everyone has gone through a time where the difference between right and wrong is undefined.Atticus has to deci de whether to tarnish one moral or another- to lie and say Arthur Radley didn’t kill Bob Ewell, or to expose him to the world and ultimately kill a mockingbird. For 50 years, To Kill a mockingbird has been looked up to and studied by millions across America, and even across the world. It is one of few novels that can say they have never gone out of print, which is an astonishing accomplishment. Harper Lee touched the hearts of many, and showed readers what it really means to be an American. For these reasons, To Kill a Mockingbird will continue to prosper for endless generations to come.

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Kidney Dialysis Essay

The kidney has two important functions for the body because it is connected to the body’s blood flow, it can help monitor blood pressure and secrete hormones, which can raise blood pressure in the event when it does not receive enough blood flow. However the most important job is filtration of blood. The kidney works to filter out toxins, especially chemicals that are formed as a result of cells using energy. The kidneys also work to maintain the balance of electrolytes within the body which can be lost during exercise. Cells need a good balance of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium within the body. If one kidney fails the other one is enough to maintain the body however if both fail to work it is a major issue and it causes problems as the kidney cannot filter the blood. How does a renal dialysis work: A dialysis machine tries to mimic some of the functions of a normal human kidney. One of the jobs of a kidney is to remove urea and some salts from the blood so they can leave the body in the urine. In a dialysis machine, blood from the patient runs through tubes made of a semi-porous membrane. Outside the tubes is a sterile solution made up of water, sugars and other components. Red and white blood cells and other important blood components are too large to fit through the pores in the membranes this acts like the glomerlus in the bowman’s capsule where ultra filtration takes place, but urea and salt pass through membranes into the sterile solution and are removed, this is what happens in a normal functioning kidney the small molecules can pass through the glomerlus but proteins and cells cannot as they are too large. What is haemodialysis: Kidney failure, whether it is permanent or temporary, is mostly treated using renal dialysis, which kind of replaces the kidneys filtration function. One form of renal dialysis is called hemodialysis. With hemodialysis, the patient’s blood is run through a machine with a special filter that helps clean out the waste products. Once the blood has been filtered, it is allowed to return to the body. One of the difficulties of hemodialysis is that it takes place at special medical centres and we are short of machines. This means that the patient has to visit three times per week that lasts between three to five hours per session, this takes up a lot of time. What is peritoneal dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis is the other main form of renal dialysis. With peritoneal dialysis, a sterile cleansing fluid called dialysis solution is injected into the abdominal cavity. The abdominal cavity is lined by a membrane called the peritoneum, which allows the waste products and extra electrolytes to pass through it and travel to the dialysis solution. The dialysis solution also contains a sugar called dextrose, which helps speed the process up. After the solution has sat in the abdominal cavity for four to six hours, it is drained out. This process is repeated four times per day. This type of treatment can take place at home because it makes use of a catheter, which allows the patient to connect a bag of dialysis fluid to a tube that feeds directly into the peritoneal cavity. This treatment allows a person to be a bit more flexible however the patient still needs to do this treatment a few times a day which means it takes up time of a normal persons life. The benefits and risks of a kidney transplant: A kidney transplant is much better than staying on a dialysis machine. A kidney transplant means you can live a normal life, you won’t have to go to the hospital a few times a week to get treated and this wastes time as it takes 2-3 hours on a dialysis machine 3-4 times a week this means that you cannot go away. Someone who’s on a dialysis machine has to give up a lot of time and this may get in the way as they may have to cancel many things during their normal daily life. A kidney transplant gives the body a whole new kidney and works perfectly where as a dialysis machine can only mimic a few of the roles of a kidney. The risks of a kidney transplant are that the body may reject the kidney as it is foreign so a very close tissue match is required. After a person has had a kidney transplant they have to be on drugs for the rest of their life so that the body does not reject the kidney. Kidney transplants can also cause infections or bleeding which can dangerous. Donor cards: A donor card is a card that shows that a person has agreed to give away some  of the organs after they die, and this can be used for transplants. However there are issues, some people believe that it is religiously wrong to give away your organs after you die and this causes a lot of problems. A family member may have given consent to give away their organs when they die but after they die their family members may object and not allow it and this causes a lot of problems. There is a long list for transplants and it is very hard to receive a transplant, donors help quicken this service. In England it is optional to become a donor or not. Another issue may be about race some people will not wish to have an organ from someone else from another race or the donor may not wish to give their organs to someone else from another race or religion and this is another problem that causes delays and means there’s a shortage of donors. Definitions: Ultra filtration: A high pressure filtration through a semipermeable membrane in which colloidal particles are retained while the small sized solutes and the solvent are forced to move across the membrane by hydrostatic pressure forces. Ultrafiltration is a vital process that takes place in the kidneys. With ultrafiltration, large molecules (such as cells and proteins) that are essential are separated or filtered out to be reabsorbed. The ultrafiltrate, in turn, is passed through the proximal tubule, the loop of Henle, the distal convoluted tubule, and a series of collecting ducts to form urine. Osmosis: Diffusion of a solvent (usually water molecules) through a semipermeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration. Selective reabsorption: The act or process of absorbing again, as the selective absorption by the kidneys of substances (glucose, proteins, sodium, etc.) already secreted into the renal tubules and their return to the circ ulating blood. Microvilli: Any of the minute hairlike structures projecting from the surface of certain types of epithelial cells, especially those of the small intestine. Co-transport proteins: Facilitated diffusion: Transport of substances across a biological membrane from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration by means of a carrier molecule. Since the substances move along the direction of their concentration gradients, energy is not required. Active transport: A kind of transport wherein ions or molecules move against a concentration gradient, which means movement in the direction opposite that of diffusion – or – movement from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration. Hence, this process will require expenditure of energy, and the assistance of a type of protein called a carrier protein. ADH: a peptide hormone released from the posterior pituitary lobe but synthesised in the hypothalamus. There are 2 forms, differing only in the amino acid at position 8: arginine vasopressin is widespread, while lysine vasopressin is found in pigs. Has antidiuretic and vasopressor actions. Used in the treatment of diabetes insipidus. Osmoregulation: The process of regulating water potential in order to keep fluid and electrolyte balance within a cell or organism relative to the surrounding. Counter-current multipliers: Resources used: